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History of the press  in Indonesia started in the 20th century when Rd. Mas Tirto Adhi Surjo published weekly Soenda News on August 17, 1903. On January 1, 1907 Tirta et al published weekly Prijaji terrain and often criticized corruption and waste of Dutch and native officials, consequently he was often imprisoned. After daily independent Tirta Mas namely Indonesia Merdeka led Mochtar Lubis often conflict with policy and government fraud penyelewengan- even in 1954 President Sukarno never criticized.

Dr.H.Krisna Harapap divides the development of press freedom in the fifth period, namely:

  1. Release Developments In Colonial Era

As outlined above, the press is often criticized during the optionsxpress  colonial state and the bans and the threat of punishment against the press often happens, after the proclamation of a power struggle in various fields, including the press as: Soeara Asia (Surabaya), Tjahaja (Bandung), and Rays Baroe ( Semarang). In September 1945 the Indonesian press is getting stronger with the publication marked Soeara Mrdeka, Indonesian News, Indonesian News and The Voice of free Indonesia. At the time of the Dutch military aggression divided into two, namely the press, published in towns and villages, which in cities often have the banning of the Netherlands as Alert, Freedom and public pulpit while in the village, among others, Voice of the People, Fire People, Patriot and the draft of the People and the tower .